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Don't Stop Swaddling too Early

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Don't Stop Swaddling too Early
When babies are newborns, it's easy to swaddle them as they don't have much strength at birth. However after 3-4 weeks of baby being well fed and gaining in weight, they naturally also gain in strength. This is when most parents will give up on swaddling because their newborn is able to break loose and they misinterpret their cries as dislike instead of frustration. If your baby is able to break out of their swaddle, it doesn't mean that baby doesn't enjoy swaddling any more, it just means that you aren't swaddling effectively and being able to break out of a swaddle can be very frustrating and upsetting to your newborn, especially if their startle reflex is still strong. This is when our customers really appreciate the effectiveness of our embe swaddle and our secure Zip-Snap-Wrap method over other brands, as the one month to two month age is when the real swaddle challenge begins. 
Our embé Starter 2-way swaddle's no-breakout zip and wrap design helps keep your baby from squirming out of their swaddle, which can startle and wake them up from their precious sleep. 
The embe swaddle also helps to ensure a correct and healthy swaddle that allows for proper hip development in newborns where other brands may swaddle too low, improperly restricting the hips. Be sure to check if the swaddle you are using has been officially deemed "hip healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  

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