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The Next Step to Swaddling

Posted by Embe Babies Inc. on

The Next Step to Swaddling

Is your little one fidgeting and fighting the swaddle? Has he or she increased arm activity? 

If you are caring for a newborn and wondering, “why won’t baby sleep in a swaddle anymore!?”, don’t stress. This just means baby is growing stronger and is ready to transition! Follow these simple steps to help baby sleep comfortably again when swaddled:

    1. Purchase the embé SwaddleOut™ from our Transitional Collection here
    2. Start with swaddling with ONE arm out (3-4 nights)
    3. Try swaddling with TWO arms out (3-4 nights)
    4. Be patient- It may take 1-2 weeks for baby to transition!
    5. If your baby is still waking up multiple times, you may have transitioned too early
    6. Let us know how our SwaddleOut™ works for your baby and leave us a review! OR, show us your little one and tag us on Instagram for a chance to win a $20 shop credit, @embebabies.

 We hope this helps you and your little one. Good luck with the transition, mamas! 

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