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*PREEMIE* Starter Swaddle Original (4-6lbs) | Moss - 100%
*PREEMIE* Starter Swaddle Original (4-6lbs) | Moss - 100%
*PREEMIE* Starter Swaddle Original (4-6lbs) | Moss - 100%
*PREEMIE* Starter Swaddle Original (4-6lbs) | Moss - 100%
*PREEMIE* Starter Swaddle Original (4-6lbs) | Moss - 100%
*PREEMIE* Starter Swaddle Original (4-6lbs) | Moss - 100%


*PREEMIE* Starter Swaddle Original (4-6lbs) | Moss

Material: 100% All-Natural Cotton (Jersey Knit)

$34.00 USD Premature Babies (4-8 lbs)

Specially created for preemie-sized newborns.

The preemie-sized embé Transitional SwaddleOut features a patented Legs In / Legs Out design that allows baby to be cooled down, warmed up, or cleaned up (diaper changed) without unswaddling. The “no break-out” zipper design promotes longer, healthier sleep by recreating a womb-like comfort. Parents will sleep better knowing that we’ve implemented a no-rise neckline for SIDS Safety and that our products are designated “hip-healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

Hidden snaps in the arm sleeves allow you to snap the arm hole closed for one or two arms in swaddling, giving baby the freedom to move and gradually adjust to sleeping with their arms-out, “unswaddled”.

No loose cloth to cover nose and mouth, no un-raveling, made of 100% all-natural cotton.

  • Patented Legs In/Legs Out Design
  • Cool Down, Warm up or Change Diapers Without Un-Swaddling 
  • No-Breakout Design Means Baby Stays Tucked In, Falls Asleep Faster
  • No-rise neckline implemented for SIDS Safety
  • Hip Healthy Designation From International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • No loose cloth to cover nose and mouth
  • No unraveling, made of 100% all-natural cotton
  • Swaddle Dimensions:  16.5" L x 7.5" W (shoulders to end of pouch) 
  • Adjustable snaps allow for 3 different lengths:
  • Legs IN:  12.5", 14.6", 16.5" (shoulders to end of pouch)
  • Legs OUT:  9", 10", 11.5" (shoulders to crotch)
  • Material:  100% Cotton Jersey Knit
  • Fabric Weight:  5.3oz or 150gsm
  • TOG Rating: 3.3 Chest, 0.2 Leg Pouch
  • Machine wash, tumble dry low
Patented & Trademarked

World's Only Legs-in & Legs-out Swaddle™

Developed in Partnership With Medical Doctors, NICU Nurses & Physical Therapists

Our Patented Legs-In & Legs Out Function

Why Do We Sleep Better with Feet Out?

Science says, it's actually your feet (not head) that's best at getting rid of excess heat in the body, allowing you to cool down faster and regulate your body temperature, resulting in longer sleep and feeling more well-rested.

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