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"Latest & Greatest Baby Gear"

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Trusted by Hospitals, NICUs, and Medical Professionals


Swaddles that Adjust with your Baby's Needs

As your baby develops, their needs change. We've designed our swaddles to be flexible enough to change with the size, temperature preference and safety of our baby's sleeping needs. See our chart to understand the benefits of each of our swaddles. 

Stage 1 | 0-3 Months

Starter Original:  

The Starter Original is our arms-in newborn swaddle.  Our most secure swaddle to keep your little houdini snuggled asleep longer.

Starter Long Sleeve

The Starter Long Sleeve Swaddle allows you the versatility to swaddle arms in, arms up, or arms out and see which method your newborn enjoys most.

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Stage 2 | 3-6 Months


Is baby trying to roll over or wiggle their arms free? The embé 2-way SwaddleOut™ safely helps baby transition from the Starter Collection to the next phase of development. Hidden snaps in the arm sleeves allow one or two arms in or out, giving baby the freedom to move and gradually adjust to sleeping “unswaddled”.

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