Every time you purchase, something amazing happens in the world. 

Together we are making a positive impact on thousands of families this year alone! (as of 2/28/2022)

When you purchase from embé®, your purchase directly gives towards 3 families to provide vital, life-giving necessities such as water, food, or healthcare and positively impacts our world for good. 

Global Impact Global Impact Global Impact

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Global Impact

Our collective purchasing power can change the world.  

Here at embé®, we stand for doing Business for Good! We are on a mission to make 1 MILLION impacts to the lives of impoverished families and children across the world. Help us get there! Your purchase directly makes an impact to a child or family in need.

Giving is embedded in each purchase.

We have giving entrenched as a cost of goods in all our products. That means every time you buy one, you are giving to the United Nations Sustainability Goals through our partnership with Buy1Give1. Thank you for switching to impactful products that give back. Collectively our purchasing power will have a positive impact on the world.

Each month we choose impactful projects that we stand behind.  Your purchase will positively impact lives to:

1. Feed Children In Crisis

Project managed by: Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

Global Impact

Rice is a staple in the Vietnamese diet. By purchasing a cup of rice you’re giving children who have been living on the streets or trapped in slavery the base to a nutritious meal. You’ll be helping them to get the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy! For street kids and runaways from broken families, a cup of rice shared with other children not only nourishes them, but also gives them a sense of belonging by bringing them together with people who care. Give rice to feed the bodies and souls of children in crisis.

2. Give Medicinal Treatment To A Nursery School Child

Project managed by: New Ways

Global Impact

Nurse Ethiopian nursery school children back to health by providing medicine for a range of illness and infection. Many of these children lack access to basic medical care and are very susceptible to diseases and infections. Your contribution will aid in tackling such diseases and allow these children to grow up physically and healthily to become strong and independent adults. 

3. Give Access To Life-Saving Water

Project managed by: WellWishers Trust

Global Impact

Quench the thirst of people living in Tigray by giving them clean water that is absent of water-borne diseases for one day. The provision of clean and hygienic water will reduce a woman's average daily water collection time; effectively reduces children mortality rate from water-borne diseases; and allows girls to receive a proper education instead of spending their time collecting water.