By embé®

Laylo Sleeper Sack™ DUO (Sheet + Comforter)

Stage 3 - Independant Sleep

Key Benefits

Sheet + Comforter in ONE
Cool Down or Warm Up
Sheet Sack can detach from Comforter
Wearable Blankets for Safety


*Patented* and only found at embé®

For babies 6-24 months old. Now baby can sleep the same way mom and dad do... with a Sheet + Comforter!
Allow your little one to comfortably layer up for warmth or simply remove a layer to cool down.  Our patented Laylo SheetSack™ is a wearable sheet and comforter set all in one.  Our Laylo sleep sack has hidden snaps to attach the comforter to the SheetSack™ for paired use. The SheetSack has an inverted zipper to allow for easy diaper changes. The Quilted Comforter Sack has convenient double-sided zippers so you can easily unzip at both sides to slide on or off without waking the baby. Get the best nursery wearable blanket from embé today and start enjoying more sleep!
  • Sheet + Comforter in ONE
  • Wearable Blanket Set
  • Cool Down or Warm Up
  • 2-Layer Sleep Sack Bag - *Patented* Feature


  • Wearable Sheet Sack: 100% Jersey Cotton 
    • Fabric Weight:  5.3oz or 150gsm, 0.5 tog
  • Quilted Comforter Sack: 100% Jersey Cotton front and back. Inside filling: polyester


  • Sheet Sack: 34"L x 20"W
  • Quilted Comforter Sack: 30"L x 20.5"W