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 Swaddle with Long Sleeves

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Transitional SwaddleOut

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Starter Original Swaddle:

Transitional SwaddleOut:

How to Swaddle?

How to Swaddle with Legs Out?

How to Swaddle with Legs In?

How to Diaper Change without unswaddling?

 With Legs In:

 With Legs out:


How to Length Adjust?

Our embe swaddles allow you three different length adjustments via chest snaps to ensure a custom fit.  This is an important feature to look for in a swaddle because if your swaddle is too long this leaves room for your baby to potentially be able to wiggle down into their swaddle, causing a swaddle to ride up. At embé, our thoughtful combo of length adjustibility and a collared neckline, which we call our 'No-Rise' design, helps to prevent this common swaddling problem.



How to transition baby from arms in swaddling to an arms out sleep sack?

Using our Transitional SwaddleOut will allow you to swaddle both arms in, then gradually transition to one arm in while letting one arm free, and finally graduating to both arms out. 


Why embé swaddles work despite the other eight swaddles you've tried? 


How-To Instructions


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