By embé®

Binnie™ Retractable Pacifier

Material: 100% Medical Grade Silicon

Key Benefits

Safety Tested
BPA Free Silicone
Medical Grade
Dishwasher Safe



Stop messing around with pacifier cases because the pacifier has been reinvented! You have enough things to worry about as a parent; germs shouldn't be one of them. Inspired by moms everywhere, we created the Binnie to be an alternative to the traditional medical-grade plastic or rubber pacifier that offers no protection from germs or debris. Our patent-pending Binnie Pacifier is a retractable pacifier that stays clean & more hygienic with a retractable nipple. No more placing a pacifier on a dirty table or fumbling around trying to find the case. Just pull the ring and the pacifier retracts! The Binnie is made with medical-grade silicone that mimics the shape and feel of the breast, quickly soothing your child with a familiar feel. Your baby can still enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding and avoid nipple confusion with our extra soft tip and lightweight design. Ventilation holes offer breathability for your baby’s skin and prevent skin rashes or irritations.



What Makes Ours Different


Allows skin to breathe to reduce rashes and skin irritation


Single piece silicone that won't break apart & minimizes choking risk


Nipple is concealed inside the shield cavity, hygienically covered and protected


The base of the pacifier is wider creating a wider step for the baby's lips to rest in a slightly open position


Pacifier shield curves away from the baby's face, mimicking the curves of the breast and gives clearance to baby's nose


Entire pacifier is made from one piece to avoid bacteria buildup in crevices