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embé Hospital Safe Sleep Program

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Join the ever growing number of Children's Hospitals, Labor & Delivery Hospitals, and NICUs across the USA that are turning to Embé Swaddles for their organizations Safe Sleep needs.
If you are a medical professional that works in a hospital, NICU, or birthing center, we would love to send your unit samples of our Preemie, Starter, and Transitional swaddles, as well as our Sleep Sacks to trial at your hospital today. Partner with embé to improve your Hospital's Safe Sleep Initiative today and be one step closer to achieving your Gold or Silver National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification
Physical therapists love Embé swaddles because baby can sleep in the supine position, with legs having enough room in the sack to bend up and out at the hips. This position allows for natural hip development and is sometimes referred to as the "frog" or "jockey" position, where the hips are spread and the knees are slightly bent.
Nurses love Embé swaddles because they can maintain visualization of IV lines even while baby is securely wrapped in our swaddle. 
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Hospital & NICU Safe Sleep Program Hospital & NICU Safe Sleep Program

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