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Preemie Swaddles

Babies are born in all shapes and sizes, which is why we thought it was important to create a preemie swaddle for the cutest little ones! Our preemie swaddle helps your baby girl and boy cozy up all night and helps them sleep longer by reducing the effects of the startle reflex. Embe swaddles have been loved and approved by moms and dads for the best sleep and a snug fit for years!

Why Preemie Starter Swaddle Wrap is a good choice

Moms say that embe swaddle is the best swaddle in the market and the only swaddle that has worked for their babies. Our preemie swaddle was created specifically as an adjustable swaddle in preemie size because so many moms couldn't find swaddles that would fit their babies safely.

No-rise neckline

Easy diaper changes

Safe Inverted Zipper

Stretchy fabric

Wearable blankets

Brand top product

Adjustable length

Healthy hip alignment

No hands to face

Free legs

Super soft

Can Preemie Babies Be Swaddled?

Can Preemie Babies Be Swaddled?

Premature babies feel more secure when they are swaddled, much like in the womb and gives a womb like feeling. Many NICUs and SCNs promote swaddling of premature baby's with their legs tucked up and hands brought together in front of them, focusing on baby's comfort. Swaddling helps maintain continuous and adequate body positioning which aids and provides a stable sleep environment and encourages muscle tone.