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Binnie® Stow-Away Pacifier
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Stop messing around with pacifier cases because pacifiers have been reinvented! You have enough things to worry about as a parent; germs shouldn't be one of them. Inspired by moms everywhere, we created the Binnie to be an alternative to the traditional plastic or rubber pacifier that offers no protection from germs or debris. Our patent-pending Binnie Pacifier is a retractable pacifier that stays clean & is more hygienic with a retractable nipple. No more placing pacifiers on a dirty table or fumbling around trying to find the case. Just pull the ring and the pacifier retracts into its own storage compartment! The Binnie is made with medical-grade silicone that mimics the shape and feel of the breast, quickly soothing your child with a familiar feel. This also curves away from baby's nose and baby's face. Your baby can still enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding and avoid nipple confusion with the nipple shape and our extra soft tip and lightweight design.

Why the Binnie Pacifier is a good choice?

A one-piece medical grade and BPA free soft silicone was used for the creation of each pacifier which means that there are no small pieces that would be a choking hazard for the baby.

Two ventilation airway holes offer easier breathability for your baby's skin to prevent skin rashes or irritations.

The retractable nipple stays clean and is more hygienic with it's

Curved Shield to the Nipple: The ergonomic shield to the bottle nipple is great for a newborn and breastfed babies.

Best Place to Buy Grey Oatmeal Blush Binnie Mix

EmbeBabies has been producing baby gear and one piece pacifiers for kids and moms since its entrance into the market. So shop at our store today and find playthings baby prefers.

Binnie Retractable Pacifier Gift Set

Who doesn't love gifts? Give the mom next door a pleasant surprise with this gift set of her kid’s favorite Binnie retractable pacifier along with pacifier clips, the best lightweight pacifier, a teether, a diaper bag and a toy rattle great for older babies! 

Why Binnie Retractable Pacifier Gift Set is a good choice

Eco-Friendly: The pacifier gift set is one hundred per cent ethical, with the best pacifier that has a rounded nipple and helps avoid nipple confusion, a cute bunny rattle being wooden and the teether that can calm any crying baby. Meanwhile, the pacifier clip is metal with a hanging cotton chain. 

Safe: These gifts have no contamination problems. This is the right pacifier that is completely clean after being washed with boiling water so it's safe for baby's teeth and prevents latex allergy.