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Transitional Swaddle

Stage 2: Transition Swaddle Sack

Key Benefits

Hip Healthy Designation from International Hip Dysplasia Institute
No Break-Out Design Means Baby Stays Tucked In
Cool Down or Warm Up
Change Diapers Without Unswaddling
Safety Tested


embé swaddles are unlike any other in the world!

Our Stage 2 begins when your baby begins to show signs of trying to roll over. 

Transitional swaddles (for babies 3-6 months & 12-18 lbs) are perfect for babies who are transitioning out of a swaddle but aren’t quite ready for safe sleep with a blanket yet! embe swaddles offer the world's only legs in & legs out patented technology that offers the versatility of legs in warmth & legs out cooling and heat dissipation to help keep your newborn from dangerously overheating. Our Short Sleeve Transitional Swaddle also features our arms in & arms out options: arms in, 1 arm out, or both arms out! Our heart-shaped leg pouch supports proper hip health and leg development and has been designated "Hip-Healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Our No rise neckline collar keeps fabric securely in place. And with 3 adjustable swaddle lengths (small - medium - large), ensures the swaddle is never too long and eliminates loose fabric that can rise up over the baby's face. Get the best nursery swaddling blanket from embé today and start enjoying more sleep!

Key Features

  • Hidden arm snaps, snap close to allow for traditional arms-in swaddling
  • Leave the arm snaps open for arms-out swaddling
  • Patented Legs In / Legs Out Design
  • Cool Down, Warm up or Change Diapers Without Un-Swaddling 
  • No-Breakout Design Means Baby Stays Tucked In, Falls Asleep Faster
  • Hip Healthy Designation From International Hip Dysplasia Institute

Product Info

  • Sizing:  25" L x 11" W (shoulders to end of pouch) 
  • Adjustable snaps allow for 3 different lengths:
      • Legs IN:  19", 22", 25" (shoulders to end of pouch)
      • Legs OUT:  12", 15", 18" (shoulders to crotch)
  • Material:  100% Cotton Jersey Knit
  • Fabric Weight:  5.3oz or 150gsm, 0.5 tog
  • Machine wash, tumble dry


    TOG Rating of Fabric (unit of measurement for insulation and warmth of sleepwear and bedding): 0.5 (3.3 Chest Swaddled, 0.2 Leg Pouch only)

                    The Benefits

                    Why Our Swaddle Is So Safe

                    NO-RISE NECKLINE

                    Collared neckline assists to keep fabric from rising up and over face.

                    GROWS WITH BABY

                    The length easily adjusts to Small, Medium or Large for accurate sizing and maximum comfort and support.

                    SECURE ZIPPER

                    Interior zipper keeps your baby secure, promoting longer sleep. It zips down and away from baby’s face.

                    ADJUSTABLE MITTENS

                    Mitten cuffs cover newborn hands to help baby fingernails from scratching their sensitive skin.

                    ACCESS FOR DIAPER CHANGE

                    Easy open without unswaddling to change your baby’s diaper without disturbing sleep.

                    HEALTHY HIPS

                    Large heart-shaped pouch supports proper hip and joint development and is recommended by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute.