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Life Begins with embé

From the moment baby emerges into a brave new world, embé is there to calm and comfort. The embé swaddle incorporates a patented Legs In/Legs Out design and revolutionary "no break-out" feature that ensures the highest level of comfort, peace and security for baby.

The swaddle was invented by Jennifer Wynh, a mother of four, who from personal experience fully understood the need to evolve the centuries­ old, cumbersome, simple cloth swaddle.

Jennifer did not start off in the world of fashion or retail as one would presume. She instead graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine and had went on to have a successful career in aerospace engineering. Finding a lack of versatile swaddles that tailored to a baby’s sleep needs, she used her strong design sense and engineering background, and birthed the concept for the embé 2-Way Swaddle™.

Jennifer then had to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life, to leave a stable and successful career behind in exchange for the uncertainty of pursuing her dream. She applied for her first utility patent, and with that the embé brand was realized. Two years later, the embé 2-Way Swaddle – the 1st ever patented legs-in and legs-out swaddle – made its debut and embé has been helping to provide families with smarter, safer, more restful sleep ever since.

Jennifer is deeply and intimately connected to the experience and profound relationship between a mother and her newborn during the earliest stages of life, which informs the culture of the company, reflects an extraordinary Level of social consciousness, and defines embé's place in the world.