What are Swaddles For? 

Other than making baby burritos, baby swaddles are for calming newborns. 
First-time moms may find wrapping her baby so tightly restricting his/her arms from moving sounds worrying. However, tight swaddling mimics a mothers’ womb, soothing babies with womb-like warmth and security.
Even more importantly, swaddling keeps babies’ arms in place to help prevent accidentally triggering their startle reflex. By swaddling, a baby can sleep more soundly, with fewer interruptions, and avoid being woken too soon from their sleep.
Last but not least, better sleep for your baby means better sleep for parents!
There are loose cloth swaddle blankets and non-loose wearable swaddles. For newborns, up to 12 weeks, we strongly recommend using non-loose wearable swaddles with zipper and velcro design. The zipper and velcro can help guide parents on how to easily and effectively swaddle safely. For a highly-rated Velcro wearable swaddle, visit embebabies.com. Loose cloth swaddling is strongly discouraged. One of the top risks of swaddle blankets is the cloth rising above a baby's neckline, causing suffocation and SIDS. 
April 25, 2018 — Embe Babies Inc.

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