I distinctly remember the panic I had on that particular day. I had just swaddled my baby using what I thought was a safe swaddle (made by another company) only to come back in and see that it had gone above Farrah’s (my daughter's) head and was suffocating her. This was my tipping point and I went immediately to the drawing board because moms are problem solvers! As an aerospace engineer, I went from designing equipment that kept our nation safe to designing products that now keep our precious babies safe. That evening, the first sketch came to my mind and I quickly sat down to draw out what we now call our embé Starter Swaddle. That’s how embé started: a company born out of a necessity to bring safety and innovation to you and your baby.

Babies products should go through rigorous testing for safety but new safety standards for sleep are being introduced this year (2021). These new guidelines will eliminate potentially hazardous sleep products like inclined sleepers or travel bassinets. You can read the updated safety guidelines here

Our company has always strived to create products with the safest standards which is why we are certified safe sleep ambassadors, we adhere to safe sleep guidelines and are hip-healthy.

Here are some reasons why moms everywhere love embe and I hope you will too: 

“My baby normally sleeps 1.5-2 hours but now we are getting about 4-5 hour stretches!” – Kammi G.

“Our 6 week old son loves his swaddle so much, I had to buy another one! The material is breathable and comfy.” – Meghan C.

“The BEST swaddle! You can see my son scoots all the way down in his packNplay but he cannot break out. The Velcro is top notch and the swaddle is so soft.” – Amy S.

If you have any questions about our embé products at any time, please email us at hello@embebabies.com. We'd love to connect with you. 


November 05, 2021 — Jennifer Wynh