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Starter Swaddle
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Newborn (6-14lbs)
Long Sleeve Starter Swaddle
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Laylo Sleeper Sack™ DUO (Sheet + Comforter)
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Newborn Swaddles

Calling all new parents! It's so hard trying to figure out what baby swaddle would be the best. Our baby swaddles are safe option to use versus a loose blanket in the crib. We have one of the best swaddle blankets that will keep your newborn baby warm and help them sleep longer. Most babies can self soothe if wrapped like a little burrito because it mimics the mother's womb. American Academy of Pediatrics updated their recent safe sleep recommendations to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and concluded that weighted swaddle blankets were not safe to use. That's why at embe, we strive to have the best baby products because we rigorously test everything and make sure that we comply by AAP standards.

Why is our Starter Swaddle Wrap a good choice to start with?

The baby Starter Swaddle Wrap is safer than the traditional burrito wrap with loose blankets. It also offers the world's only legs in/legs out option to help baby from overheating and arms tucked in to help with the startle reflex. This makes it the perfect newborn swaddle and easy to pack in your right into your hospital bag.

Starter Swaddle Wrap Features:

No-rise neckline so no loose fabric gets around baby faces

Supports healthy hip development

Adjustable mittens for baby hands

Grows with baby

Snug fit to the baby’s body

Safe Inverted Zipper

Stretchy fabric made of cotton for breathability

Best Place to Buy Starter Swaddle Wrap

You can buy embe starter swaddles at We offer a money-back guarantee and thousands of moms can attest to how much they love embe baby swaddles and parents swear to their effectiveness. These dream swaddle wraps will help babies sleep longer, better, faster than they would with tradition swaddle blankets or muslin swaddle blankets.

Why Long Sleeve Swaddle are a good choice

Our long sleeve swaddle give babies an option for arms in or arms out swaddling. Some baby prefers arms in and some prefer arms out. Some babies prefer a hands to face position so the arms out option is great for them. Baby's feet can also be tucked in or out. If you live in colder climate, the arms out swaddling is perfect to help regulate a baby's body temperature. Our swaddle sacks length adjusting feature grows as baby grows.

Long Sleeve Swaddle Wrap Features:

Adjustable sizes

Legs in or legs out swaddling

Easy diaper changes

Adjustable mittens

No-rise neckline

Better hip positioning

Why Laylo SheetSack DUO is a good choice

Laylo SheetSack DUO, innovative sleep sacks that will help baby sleep safely all night long. Now baby can sleep the same way mom and dad do... with a Sheet + Comforter! It's like a swaddle blanket, but better! Parents should stop swaddling babies when first signs of rolling over begin and regular swaddles can no longer be used. Traditional swaddle blankets either have loose fabric that can become a suffocation hazard or keep baby's arms in which restricts their movement from rolling over. Our patented sleep sack can comfortably layer up for warmth or simply remove a layer to cool down.

Laylo Sheetsack Duo Features:

Sleepsack and comforter

Wearable blanket

Super soft

Perfect when season of baby rolls begin

Why GOTS Certified Organic Swaddles is a good choice

Diaper changes easy

Has different sizes

Helps with hip dysplasia

Soft fabric

Good Swaddle for older babies