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Braided Pacifier Clip
Paci Clips

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Paci Clips

Our Braided Pacifier clip is one of the best pacifier clips. We create our products with the safest materials so try us out.

Why Braided Pacifier clip is a good choice

ier clip is a good choice

The clip doesn't hurt and is safe.

The metal clip helps keep the pacifier in the baby's mouth.

The baby's pacifier clip won't bother sleep.

Great for older babies.

Best Place to buy Braided Pacifier clip

We have the best products for kids that your kid will just love and obsess over. The parent has nothing to worry about.

RetractaClips have the comfort other clips can't compete with. It is easy to use and detach, so get yours now.

Why RetractaClips is a good choice


Easy to attach

Easy to release

You can have free teethers with it.

Best Place to buy RetractaClips

Our services are top-tier, and we support children with the healthiest supplies. So give us a try today!

Buck is a playful and cute pacifier clip on sale currently. Parents have commented on how easy it is to use.

Why Buck is a good choice

Infants find ulterior comfort in Buck.

Baby can play with toys with Buck clipped on.

Baby can wear this all night.

Best Place to buy Buck

We have Buck is in stock right now, so sign into your account and check the store for more products coming up!

Burlwood is the perfect clip that you won't have to remember to take off, because it is no hassle for the baby, so try it now.

Why Burlwood is a good choice

Tight cord

Good fit


Best Place to buy Burlwood

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Sage is a soothing color for pacifier clips that will match your patient baby well. Order it now for the best baby sleep.

Why Pacifier Clip- Sage is a good choice

This Pacifier clip is approved by the baby registry.

This set suits all silicone pacifiers.

It will never get lost because it sticks well to the baby.

Best Place to buy Pacifier Clip- Sage

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Ether is just the color for your crying baby, and so is the pacifier clip. We can send one today, just make the call!

Why Pacifier Clip- Ether is a good choice

Safe to use

Matches all silicone filters

Reasonable price

Keeps the pacifier in the mouth

Best Place to buy Pacifier Clip- Ether

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Our pacifier clips in the cotta color is available in a set and on sale now. Check it out!

Why Pacifier Clip- Cotta is a good choice


Easy to attach

Perfect for older kids

Best Place to buy Pacifier Clip- Cotta

Pacifer clips are vital for a pacifier to be safe and not lost. Babies can also now move freely with these around.