I am a mother of 4 children.  I distinctly remember the panic I had on that particular day. I had just swaddled my baby Farrah, she is my 3rd child (using what I thought was a safe swaddle made by another company) only to come back in and see that it had gone above her head and was suffocating her. This was my tipping point and I went immediately to the drawing board because moms are problems solvers! As an aerospace engineer, I went from designing equipment that kept our nation safe to designing products that now keep our babies safe. That evening. the first sketch came to my mind and I quickly sat down to draw out what we now call our embe 2-way swaddle wrap. That's how embe was born: a company born out a of a necessity to bring safety and innovation to you and your baby.
In 2016, embe swaddles were introduced in all Babies-R-Us and buybuyBaby/Bed Bath and Beyond stores across the nation. Since then, the swaddles have been featured in magazines, won multiple baby shows and received rave reviews from moms, everywhere. What began as a journey for safer sleep has now expanded into raising the standard for safer baby products across the board, So whether it's sleeping, soothing or playing, embe is with you, every step of the way.