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1 Cup
of Rice

Feed Children
In Crisis

Rice is a staple in the Vietnamese diet. By purchasing a cup of rice you’re giving children who have been living on the streets or trapped in slavery the base to a nutritious meal. You’ll be helping them to get the nutrients they need to grow.

Project managed by:

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

1 Day of
Medical Support

Medicinal Treatment to
Nursery School Children

Nurse Ethiopian nursery school children back to health by providing medicine for a range of illness and infection. Many of these children lack access to basic medical care and are very susceptible to diseases and infections.

Project managed by:

New Ways

1 Day of Access
to Clean Water

Access To
Life-Saving Water

Quench the thirst of people living in Tigray by giving them clean water that is absent of water-borne diseases for one day. The provision of clean and hygienic water will reduce a woman's average daily water collection time; effectively reduces children mortality rate.

Project managed by:

WellWishers Trust

embe Giving

A Message From the Founder

"I started Embe in order to solve problems for moms and make safer products for babies. Every baby should have the tools and resources they need to be safe and to flourish. Sadly, much of the world does not have the resources to help them thrive. That’s why at Embe, we not only solve problems at home, we also come alongside those abroad to address issues of poverty, hunger, climate, social injustice, education and healthcare. We are about solutions. We are about empowerment. We are about change."

CEO of embe