What Sets Us Apart?

We strive to create the safest and most innovative baby products because babies deserve the very best.

Safety Measures

Safety is our number one priority when it comes to swaddling and we ensure this by having our swaddle designs CPSC tested and approved. We have created a no-rise neckline so loose fabric will not rise over baby's nose and mouth. The interior zipper keeps baby secure and our oversized velcro wraps the baby to give double the security.

Legs In & Legs Out

No Overheating

Some babies like their legs free and some babies just naturally run hot, which can make swaddling challenging with any other swaddle except ours! embé swaddles are the world's only legs in/legs out swaddle which helps babies warm up or cool down. This also allows for easy diaper changes without completely unswaddling!

Arms In & Arms Out

From Swaddle to Sleep Sack

Some babies love to have their arms in. While others love to have their arms out when swaddled, but will still need to sleep with a sleep sack for safety. No loose blankets as that's unsafe for sleep! Whichever your baby prefers, we've got you covered with our Swaddle-to-Sleepsack design! Once a baby begins to show signs of rolling, they should be swaddled around their tummy for extra comfort but with both arms out. We recommend transitioning from swaddle to sleep sack by swaddling with one arm out and then after baby is adjusted, you can swaddle with both arms free. Swaddle-to-Sleepsack design only available in our long sleeve & transitional swaddle.

Length Adjustment

Grows With Baby

The length can be easily adjusted by using the 3 different snaps available. embé swaddles adjusts to short, medium or long for accurate sizing, comfort, and safety. This design ensures that the swaddle is not too long, preventing baby from sliding or sinking into their swaddle.

Width Adjustment

Get that Custom Fit

We give a generous amount of velcro on the back to ensure that with every wrap, baby enjoys a custom fit that will hold and hug them snuggly so they can sleep longer.

Healthy Hips

Not all swaddles are created equal! Our large heart-shaped pouch supports proper hip and joint development and is deemed hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.