By embé®

Binnie™ Retractable Pacifier

Material: 100% Medical Grade Silicon



Stop messing around with pacifier cases because the pacifier has been reinvented! You have enough things to worry about as a parent; germs shouldn't be one of them. Inspired by moms everywhere, we created the Binnie to be an alternative to the traditional medical-grade plastic or rubber pacifier that offers no protection from germs or debris. Our patent-pending Binnie Pacifier is a retractable pacifier that stays clean & more hygienic with a retractable nipple. No more placing a pacifier on a dirty table or fumbling around trying to find the case. Just pull the ring and the pacifier retracts! The Binnie is made with medical-grade silicone that mimics the shape and feel of the breast, quickly soothing your child with a familiar feel. Your baby can still enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding and avoid nipple confusion. Ventilation holes offer breathability for your baby’s skin and prevent skin rashes or irritations.