5 Benefits of Using a Pacifier

Almost everywhere you go you can spot at least one baby with a pacifier. For generations, pacifiers have been used. But why? Let’s dive in together and see why these products have been used for decades by looking at just 5 benefits of using a pacifier. 

1. Lower the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). 

Many studies have shown the use of pacifiers to lower the risk of SIDs (sudden infant death syndrome). SIDS refers to an infant death with no explanation. There is not one exact reason pacifiers help reduce the risk of SIDs, though there is strong evidence of the correlation with some logical explanations. Pacifiers keep the tongue forward in the mouth which prevents the airway from being blocked (check out Nationwide Children’s Organization). When sucking on a paci, babies don’t sleep as deep so they are able to wake themselves up if they are having trouble breathing.

2. Mimic mommies nipple. 

Babies are born with many natural instincts, needs, and wants. One of their primary reflexes is to suck. Obviously mommy or a bottle is not always available, so a paci is the best quick solution that can be used anywhere at any time. It is important to note, pacifiers should not be used as meal replacements or substitutes! 

3. Provide a calming effect. 

Pacifiers have been shown to be used for pain and anxiety prevention in newborns. They have been listed as one of the key solutions for pain relief during emergency procedures according to a subgroup of the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics). Another review correlated pacifier use to shorter hospital stays. https://www.aafp.org/pubs/afp/issues/2009/0415/p681.html 

4. Helps babies fall asleep. 

As a mama you will take as much sleep as you can get. But for mama to get sleep, baby has to sleep first. Because of the soothing and calming effect paci’s provide babies, they fall asleep faster! Once babies fall asleep the paci may fall out of their mouth causing them to wake up. Keeping multiple pacis in the crib so the baby can easily find one when another falls out is highly recommended. They learn the fine motor skills of picking up and learning how to soothe themselves and mama gets to keep sleeping!

5. Prolongs EBF (breastfeeding) in women with PPD (postpartum depression)

Why is this important? Good question! Postpartum depression (PPD)  has been found to be associated with lower rates of breastfeeding which can cause mommy and baby to miss out on important health benefits provided by breastfeeding. A recent study shows that the use of pacifiers may prevent early termination of breastfeeding with women at high risk of postpartum depression.


Overall, pacifiers offer many benefits, some of which are still being discovered. We all know a soothed and happy baby makes for an at ease mama. It’s safe to say we can conclude that a pacifier is a great gift for a baby and mommy. 

What Pacifier Should I Get? 

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January 11, 2023 — Embe Babies Inc.

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