What Every New Mom Needs - Gift Guide

Have you been wondering what to get a new mama in your life? Maybe you just got a positive pregnancy test and are wondering what you need to get to prepare for your little miracle. Whatever place you’re in, we are here for you! Below we have created a list of must haves for new mamas and babies. 

The embé Stage 1 Swaddle:  

Safer than the traditional burrito wrap methods, the award-winning embe swaddles offer the world's only legs in & legs out patented technology that offers the versatility of legs in warmth & legs out cooling and heat dissipation to help keep your newborn from dangerously overheating. Also allowing for easy clean up (diaper changes) without unswaddling. The starter swaddle original also snuggles arms in to help babies with their startle reflex. The “no break-out” zipper design promotes longer, healthier sleep by recreating a womb-like comfort. It's so loved, even hospitals use it!

Why are Swaddles important? Parents use swaddles because it gives babies the feel of the womb and helps them sleep longer and faster. 

embe Stage 1 Swaddle Review: "I tried several different swaddle types and I love the versatility and how well my baby sleeps in her embe swaddle. Now, my baby was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and this swaddles has been a lifesaver. I love the versatility and have purchased a second swaddle for the rotation." - Eva

PRICE: $34.99


Hatch Rest Sound Machine

It's a sound machine, and nightlight in one!! This sound machine includes 11 soothing sounds including crickets, rain, white noise, birds, wind, ocean, water stream, dryer & 3 classic lullabies. With 10 light library presets and an in-app color wheel to dial infinite colors the options are endless. Who doesn’t love a custom sound machine and night light all in one? If the sounds and light options weren’t enough, this machine allows for the creation of sleep programs to create your dream schedules for bedtimes, naps and wake up times using fun colors and sounds to signal different times in your routine. This machine allows for a lot of versatility but can be controlled by any ios and android device! 

Why use a soundmachine? When kept at an appropriate volume sound machines can provide a relaxing constant noise that soothes babies, helping them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer! 

Hatch Rest Sound Machine Review: "We love everything about it! It is so nice that you can preset scheduled times for the machine to be on and even customize the color, sound, and volume levels. I appreciate being able to control it from my phone. Like if my kids are sleeping late and I want them to keep sleeping, I can just go into the app and make sure the machine does not turn off when scheduled, but instead keeps running. Little things like that. All the sound options are very soothing and are great quality audio. I am so glad we finally got the Rest!"

PRICE: $69.99


Binnie Retractable Pacifier

Inspired by moms everywhere, the Binnie retractable pacifier was created to be an alternative to the traditional plastic or rubber pacifier that offers no protection from germs or debris. The patent-pending Binnie Pacifier is a pacifier that retracts into itself so it stays clean & is more hygienic with a retractable nipple. No more placing a pacifier on a dirty table or fumbling around trying to find the case. Just pull the ring and the pacifier retracts into its own storage compartment! The Binnie is made with medical-grade silicone that mimics the shape and feel of the breast, quickly soothing your child with a familiar feel. Your baby can still enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding and avoid nipple confusion with our extra soft tip and lightweight design. Ventilation holes offer breathability for your baby’s skin and prevent skin rashes or irritations.

Why use a pacifier? Pacifiers can help babies cope with discomfort and distress increasing their ability to self-soothe. Studies have also shown that pacifiers can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 

PRICE: $14.99


embé Stage 2 Arms In and Out Swaddle

The embé Transitional swaddles (for babies 3-6 months & 12-18 lbs) are perfect for babies who are transitioning out of a swaddle but aren’t quite ready for safe sleep with a blanket yet! The Stage 2 Swaddle also features our arms in & arms out options: arms in, 1 arm out, or both arms out! Our heart-shaped leg pouch supports proper hip health and leg development and has been designated "Hip-Healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Our No rise neckline collar keeps fabric securely in place. And with 3 adjustable swaddle lengths (small - medium - large), ensures the swaddle is never too long and eliminates loose fabric that can rise up over the baby's face. 

Why are arms in and arms out swaddles good for babies? Once babies hit the stage of being ready to roll over, swaddling them with their arms in can cause a risk of the baby rolling over and suffocating themselves. The ability for babies legs to be out of the swaddle allows for babies to have the option to cool down as well as wear hip harnesses while the baby is swaddled making it more convenient for babies with hip dysplasia. 

Transitional Swaddle Review: "Our 2 month  old has become a Swaddle houdini and this swaddle, besides being so pretty, has become our savior he can now sleep comfy again not being bothered by his arms that move constantly. We love love love it!" - Haidy 

PRICE: $37.99



Itzy Ritzy Silicone Teething Mitt

These teething mitts are made of food grade silicone and are non-toxic, and BPA & PVC free. The safe to use textured silicone offers relief for sore, swollen gums meanwhile the fabric of the mitt creates a crinkle sound that stimulates the baby helping the baby use all of their discovered senses at one time. It’s developmentally important and entertaining! The mitt includes an adjustable strap to securely fit around the baby's wrist to make it easy for babies to hold and keep baby safe from scratching their face. As a mom you have enough to clean and worry about so just throw your mitt in the washer on cold, air dry and you’re good to go!

Why use a teether? Teething is a very difficult stage for most babies. Temperatures often rise and the discomfort level is high. Teethers are soothing for a baby's gums which eases some of the pain. This teether not only offers the soothing component but includes stimulating fabric and the ability to also keep babies hands safe from their mouth and face safe from their hands! 

Itzy Ritzy Review: "My son isn't even teething yet but he already loves these! He loves to put his hands to his mouth so I'll give him one of these from time to time to help calm him and he really loves them!" - Amanda

PRICE: $8.99


Laylo SheetSack

This embé sheetsack (sheet and comforter in 1) is for those growing babies who are ready for independent sleep! The Laylo SheetSack gives 6-24 month old babies the ability to sleep like mom and dad do with a sheet + comforter, but without loose blankets!! It allows your little one to comfortably layer up for warmth or simply remove a layer to cool down. The Laylo sleep sack has hidden snaps to attach the comforter to the SheetSack™ for paired use. The SheetSack™ has an inverted zipper to allow for easy diaper changes. The Quilted Comforter Sack has convenient double-sided zippers so you can easily unzip at both sides to slide on or off without waking the baby. 

Why use a swaddle after the newborn stages? Loose blankets in a crib still create high risks of children suffocating at a young age. Swaddles like the Laylo SheetSack allow for your baby to developmentally sleep comfortably and safe. 

PRICE: $59.99

Eascrozn Silicone Baby Bibs

These adjustable bibs are made with high quality ingredients and are designed for style and convenience. Made from food grade silicone these bibs are bpa- free and safe for babies skin. They include adjustable straps to fit your baby just right and designed with a sturdy pocket to catch any missed food or liquid. Not only do they help with the prevention of big messes, but they are easy to clean too! 

Why are bibs important? It may seem like a silly answer but they are convenient! Who doesn’t love a product that makes life a little easier?

Eascrozn Slicone Baby Bib Review: "These bibs are amazing! So easy to put on, easy to clean, and catching all the extra pieces is a huge bonus too!" - Tammy

PRICE: $8.45

Mainframe Diaper Backpack

A Diaper bag is a MUST from the moment you give birth all the way through the toddler stage. This backpack allows for hand free carrying so your arms can be for holding and chasing your babe! When it’s not on your back it can be held from it’s top strap or attached to your stroller by the stroller straps. The roomy inside allows for space for all of your belongings with the ability to see inside and grab what you need without having to dig blindly. With many different compartments and pockets there is a place for everything. It also includes a cushioned changing pad and comes in a variety of colors!

Why use a diaper bag? Every mom has baggage to carry and a lot on their mind. Having a bag that is ready to go with you wherever you go with all of your baby's essentials is crucial! 

PRICE: $75.00


Baby High Contrast Flashcards

As a baby develops they go through so many developmental changes. Their eyesight progresses and their curiosity increases. High contrast flash cards are food to a baby's brain. While playing with these 2.4” by 4.2” your baby would be developing motor skills, visual performance skills, and increasing their independent skills. This set includes 50 double sided flashcards including silhouetted images with black-on-white and white-on-black giving your baby many options of what to look at!

Why use High Contrast Flashcards? Babies are sponges and the more you feed their developing brains the better! These flashcards are entertaining and stimulate the brain for further development. 

High Contrast Card Review: "My son absolutely loves this he is in kindergarten and just using these for a few days has improved his learning so much. It’s so easy to turn into a fun little game. I’d definitely buy more bundles of different cards in the future." - Sammie

PRICE: $13.99

Nose Frida Snot Sucker

Baby noses are so small and can easily get clogged! But what can you use to get all that snot out? Especially when they move so much, q-tips are out of the question. Introducing the Nose Frida Snot Sucker. Doctor invented and recommended. The Frida NoseFrida is your go-to natural, hygienic baby booger buster. It's totally safe (for parents AND baby), so you can say "sayonara" to snotty noses. 

Why use the Fridababy NoseFrida? If baby can't breathe, they won't eat or sleep comfortably. That makes for one very grumpy baby. The NoseFrida is a safe and hygienic way to get that snot outta there! 

NoseFrida Review: "Absolutely amazing! Our 4 week old baby had COVID, and this was the best way to get his congestion out of his nose. He was able to breath freely after each use. Thank you!"

PRICE: $17.99

December 20, 2022 — Embe Babies Inc.

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