Did you know that the correct fitting of your swaddle can determine success or failure when it comes to creating an effective swaddle solution? 

Length adjust your embe swaddle

It's easy to understand that you need to get a good snug fit by adjusting the width of a swaddle, but what many moms don't realize is that the swaddle length can also play a big factor.  It is also a key safety factor in order to help minimize extra loose fabric that baby can wiggle down into, or pull up and over their face. If you've struggled with swaddling in the past and found that your swaddle was rising up during the night or that your wiggly baby squirmed down into their swaddle blanket, and are looking for a safer sleep solution, give our length adjustable embé® swaddles a try.  At embé® our Starter Swaddle and Transitional Swaddle designs allows you to easily adjust to three different lengths (via snap pairings) to ensure accurate sizing and safety for your growing baby.  Always remember, for safety reasons, please never use a swaddle that is too large for baby.
March 18, 2019 — Embe Babies Inc.

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