Your baby may still like being swaddled!

When babies are newborns, it's easy to swaddle them because they don't have much strength yet at that young of an age. But of course, after 3-4 weeks of being well-fed, babies will begin to gain weight, which also means they'll begin to gain strength. 

What used to work as a swaddle may no longer work as babies figure out how to stretch and push! Certain swaddles (especially swaddle blankets) will come apart and break loose around this time. This is a huge reason why swaddle blankets are not recommended as the loose fabric could increase the risk of SIDS. You can read more about the differences in swaddles here. So if your baby is able to break out of their swaddle, it may not mean they don't like being swaddled anymore!

It makes sense that most parents will give up on swaddling during this stage because they interpret their newborns breaking out of their swaddles as dislike of the swaddle rather than frustration. We encourage parents to try again, but with more care to the technique of the swaddling. Your baby may still enjoy swaddling but may be frustrated that as they stretch and move, they're no longer snuggled and contained because the swaddle has broken loose. This is especially the case if their startle reflex is stronger. 

Thousands of moms appreciate the effectiveness of our embe swaddle and our secure Zip-Snap-Wrap method over other brands because this method ensures your baby is securely swaddled and won't break out. Our embé Swaddle Wrap was invented with a no-breakout zip and wrap design helps keep your baby from squirming out of their swaddle, which can startle and wake them up from their precious sleep. It also helps to ensure a correct and healthy swaddle that allows for proper hip development in newborns where other brands may swaddle too low, improperly restricting the hips. Be sure to check if the swaddle you are using has been officially deemed "hip-healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

SIZE MATTERS! We have created various swaddles for your baby because size matters when it comes to the safety of swaddling your baby. You don't want the swaddle too loose or too tight. That's why there are 3 different size settings on each embe swaddle. If your baby is ready to transition out of a swaddle, check out our bigger sizes and long sleeve arms-out options here or our short sleeve arms-out option here. 

Still unsure? No problem. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on our swaddles. Use it, try it on your baby and if you are still unsatisfied, you can return it within 30 days. At embe, we are on a mission to help moms get more sleep!


March 18, 2019 — Embe Babies Inc.


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