It is so wonderful to have a great sleeper at home, but we want that great sleeper to be a SAFE sleeper! We want to make sure that all baby products you use are safe too.

Make sure baby’s sleep surface is:
- FIRM! Your baby does not need a mattress cushion. They are comfortable. Make sure you alternate which side of the crib their head is oriented to in order to avoid plagiocephaly (a flat spot on the back of the head).
- FLAT! If your baby has reflux, they are safer flat on their backs. Babies have an innate reflex that enables them to turn their head when they spit up. Elevating the head of the crib actually makes it harder for babies to clear their little airways.
- FREE! Baby’s crib should be free of positioning devices like a DockATot, Snuggle Me, Boppy pillow, etc.
- CLEAR! Babies do not need any loose bedding, pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals in their crib. They need to be alone.
- ALONE! No bed sharing with siblings or parents

Recommendations for Bassinets:
- Transition when your baby outgrows it generally around 4 months when baby begins to roll.
- Only use the mattress that is specific to that particular bassinet
- Avoid using vibrating bassinets
- Do not elevate the head of the bassinet

Recommendations for Cribs:
- No bumpers (not even the mesh ones)
- No gaps between the mattress and the crib
- Tightly fitted sheet on the mattress
- Crib mattress should be at the appropriate height
- No drop down sides allowed

- Swaddle your baby’s arms over their chest to allow them to feel contained
- Swaddle should be snug over the chest, but loose around the hips
- Stop swaddling your baby when baby shows signs of rolling or is able to break free from their swaddle

Other Safe Sleep Tips for Baby:
- Baby should be BACK TO SLEEP for the first year of life
- If baby rolls to his or her tummy, he/she is safe to stay there to sleep, as nerve-racking as that may be!
- Baby should not be wearing bows, clips, or headbands to sleep
- Dressed appropriately for temperature (one more layer than mom or dad, typically)
- Offer a pacifier at nap/bed time
- If you are holding baby, you must stay AWAKE. If you get drowsy, it is safest to put your baby down in his/her crib
- Baby should only sleep on a flat, firm sleep surface. He/she should not be left in car seat, carrier, stroller, or swing if they are sleeping.
- Car seat sleeping is only safe when the baby is sleeping while the car seat is in the car and the baby is appropriately fastened/secured in the car seat.
- Do NOT swaddle your baby in the car seat
- No additional padding should be in the car seat beyond what was sold with your car seat

October 15, 2020 — Embe Babies Inc.

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