“When will I get to sleep again?”

It's one of the most common fears many new moms and dads have (for both their newborn AND themselves). It’s a legit concern - evidence-based research backs that sleep IS a priority! After years of working with women during pregnancy, labor, and in the postpartum period, I’ve found most MaMas are looking for that one magic answer to get their baby sleeping through the night. You’ve likely seen plenty of people claiming to know the “trick”, “secret”, or “resolution” to getting your little one to do so. Can I share a Truth with you? There isn’t one.

There isn’t a magical quick trick out there you just haven’t tried yet to get a perfectly sleeping baby. The truth is, each baby is unique. Your baby’s needs aren’t the same as my baby’s needs. If none of the “secrets to sleep” are working for you, I’ve got good news: the key to helping your little one extend his nighttime sleep is actually learning the “WHY” behind the overload and suggestions and tips out there. This looks less like “just stick to a schedule!” and more like taking the time to be properly informed about infant sleep cycles, realistic expectations about naturally extending sleep time, and implementing the right steps to a good foundation for sleep. (Hear this: it’ll help you BOTH get that restorative sleep you crave!)

It’s hard to feel confident in your ability to figure out what your non-verbal baby needs when no one has taken the time to help you understand the “why” behind their recommendations and helpful suggestions. Curious about how to help your baby to naturally extend nighttime sleep?

Here’s are some ways that are proven to work:
● Feeding on cue (whether breast or bottle)
● Learning how to hit “reset” when your baby gets overstimulated
● Following a routine (not the same as a schedule - see below!)
● Limiting your baby’s wake windows
● Structuring naps
● Learning how to properly soothe your baby

Many parents think “sleep training” is some kind of developmental milestone you have to walk through with your baby. It doesn’t have to be. Gaining understanding on each of these topics and incorporating some foundational practices from day one will help your baby to naturally extend her sleep from 5-6 hours, to 6-8 hours, then 10-12 hours. The “cry it out” method might sound like an easy way to go about sleep training for now, but it doesn’t set you up for success in the long run. Why do you need to know more about the “WHY” behind the answer to getting your baby to sleep? Because many factors come into play when it comes to your baby and sleep. A well meaning friend might have even shared a “fool proof schedule” with you. But the truth is, you don’t want to live trapped by your baby’s schedule. Your baby is constantly changing! Babies go through growth spurts and developmental leaps, teething, illness, you name it. You also go on vacations, to visit your neighbors, to stay with your parents… you need to have the “know how” to not have to refer to your book, app, or manual every time something happens outside of your “schedule”. This is why I want MaMas to know the “why” behind the tips so they can have a routine they are confident in rather than a schedule they hope their life can stick to.

Ready to get started? I’ve got you covered. In my Babies course, you’ll get access to all the “why” behind the common suggestions and the “know how” to feel confident in your ability to support your baby with a routine that gets you the extended nighttime sleep you crave. I’m also on Instagram, @babysettler, sharing helpful tips and advice for all things related to Birth, Babies, and Breastfeeding, backed by current, evidence-based research. I’d love to see you there!

To Good Sleep,
Hillary Sadler

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